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Coffee Porter

Coffee Porter, originally uploaded by adelphos24.

For a while now, I’ve been in the habit of occasionally picking up a six pack of individual beer. I always try to get a good mix, rarely picking up more than two of the same kind. Doing this has allowed me to sample a wide variety of beer, without having to go through an entire case of one I don’t necessarily care for.
Imagine my surprise when I realized that this coffee beer I had picked up, admittedly for novelty more than anything else, was not only locally brewed at the mill street brewery in Toronto, but made using coffee from my favorite local coffee house, Balzacs coffee.
Two of my favorite things in one bottle.
I’ve been a fan of dark beer for quite a few years now, and I can really appreciate the smoothness of a well made porter. The coffee flavour is admittedly subtle, but rounds the flavour out nicely.
Just a note for anyone unfamiliar with dark beer: don’t chug it!
Dark beer tends to get a bad rep for being too heavy, bitter and strong. All of that is true, to a certain extent, especially if you try to down a bottle in one gulp.
As a general rule, a pint from a tap is the best way to have a dark beer. From a bottle is a convenient way to get it at home. I can’t stand dark beer from a can. Also, just a personal quirk, I only tend to indulge in dark beer in the colder months.
It’s ideal for sitting around, chatting with friends, on an evening when you’d rather not be outside.