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La Maison Du Chocolat



Ah, mon Dieu! C’est magnifique! Just yesterday I wrote a post about making truffles with a soft center. I somewhat crypticly mentioned that there are other types of ganache, as well.

In this video from La Maison du Chocolat, you can see how they make a slab of ganache behind the scenes at one of the best chocolataries in France.

I just want to point out that, although the kitchen looks big and industrial, and there are a lot of machines helping to do the work, making the chocolates is still very much a hands on process.

Also note that, aside from the flambe for flavouring, the ingredients are simple. Chocolate and cream. This is why I stress using the best quality chocolate you can get your hands on, and using fresh cream.

I once found myself in line at the local grocery store behind the owner of a local chocolate shop. I had learned from a former employee that they used Merckens chocolate flavoured candy coating instead of real chocolate. I therefore wasn’t surprised to see her cart loaded up with cans of evaporated milk.

 The result? Grey imitation chocolate that tastes too sweet and has a gritty mouth feel. What a shame.


Chocolate Lust


Food porn for all you chocoholics out there.

Maybe I should seek help… 



The Chocolate Cake Sutra

I said to my soul be still,

and wait without hope

wait without thought…

so the darkness shall be the light,

and the stillness the dancing. 

-T.S. Eliot

I’ve been reading through a book called “The Chocolate Cake Sutra” by Geri Larkin. I’m enjoying it so far, and although it’s not really a food book, it does have a recipe for chocolate cake on the last page, along with the following tips:

You’ll have to wait for the cake to cool to frost it. Good luck. I’ve never been able to wait that long.

This cake is best eaten immediately with three friends…

Any cake eaten in pure awareness – without the distractions of a cell phone, computer, television, or conversation – is a perfect chocolate cake. This includes cakes that have been in your freezer since last February. I know this.

After reading a bit of the book, as well as those tips, I got thinking about how much we miss out on in our modern world, when we don’t take the time to slow down, share life with those around us, and enjoy what we have. 

Most of my favorite food related memories have less to do with the actual food, and more to do with who was with me and where we were. I remember the first meal I cooked for my wife. At the time she didn’t like fish, so she doused her fish in lemon juice until it was inedible. We still get a good laugh about it to this day. Was the fish good? Doesn’t really matter. The memories are great.