International Food and Wine Festival, Disney Style

China, originally uploaded by adelphos24.

That picture was taken at the International food and wine festival at the epcot center a few years ago. Only a true food geek would admit that he was on his honeymoon.
We didn’t go to Disney World for our honeymoon specifically for the festival, it was more of an added bonus. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.

The entire festival took place at the epcot center, around the world showcase exhibits. Several stalls were set up offering a small sampling of food from different countries for a reasonable price (The Disney theme parks can be very expensive when it comes to meals).

There were also demonstrations throughout the week, but we were too busy acting like kids to catch many of these.
One of the more memorable moments happened our first night. We had just left the Japan exhibit, tyco drums still pounding, and as we came around a corner, ran into a group of people doing the twist. After my initial confusion, I realized that we had inadvertantly walked into the middle of a Chubby Checker concert.
For those of you old enough to know who Chubby Checker is, yes he’s getting up there, but he can still dance. For those of you who don’t know who he is, thanks for making me feel like I’m getting up there, but I can still dance.

As far as the food went, from what I can remember, the stuff at the chinese exhibit was very good (although I can’t remember what it was). I remember having a very salty cured meat from spain, and having to drag my wife away from the perogies after the third trip. At some point I discovered a stall hosted by a brewery, and don’t really remember much beyond that 🙂

For anyone planning a trip to Disney World, I highly recommend going during the food and wine festival, if for no other reason than to keep food costs down during your trip.

http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/ -the twist is definitly something white people like.

http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/index?bhcp=1 – for anyone looking for a fun vacation.

http://www.chubbychecker.com/ – the man, the legend.

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