China Town, Montreal

montreal china town, originally uploaded by adelphos24.

The first time I went to China town in Montreal, it was after dark, and the middle of January. People moved quickly from store to store, staying out of the cold. The lights seemed to amplify the frantic energy in the street. There were so many sights and smells, I was almost overwhelmed.
As we went past a restaurant with a narrow red deck across the front, I noticed through the window a tray of buns I had seen being made at a chinese bakery earlier in the evening. We went in and got a table.
The restaurant turned out to be one of the best Chinese buffet places I’ve ever been to. There was so much food!!
They had a table set up with several rice cookers on them, each containing a different type of rice.
The selection of food was unreal. One table had typical Chinese/North American food (chicken balls, egg rolls, etc.) Another had traditional Chinese food, while another had things you would normally see in a North American buffet. They even had pizza and sushi! You can’t go wrong with that combination (wink). I remember thinking it would be a good place to take picky eaters, because there was something for everyone.
The service was very memorable, as well. The girl that waited on us asked to take our order in french, caught the english accent, so switched to english. I then overheard her speaking Chinese to one of the other wait staff. I was impressed.
I don’t remember much about the rest of that night, other than feeling noticeably warmer as we strolled the back alleys with very full bellies.



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